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          July 31



Farm fresh eggs  $4.00/ dozen

Catnip mice $2.00 each

Homegrown catnip $1.00 a bag

Homemade dog biscuits- $1.00/ bag

Fresh cut flowers $4.00/bunch

Arugula, kale, broccoli rabe $3.50 a bag

Cos type lettuce, Tat soi, endive $2.50/ each head

Beets $3/bunch

Turnips $2.50/bunch

Blackberries $3/quart

Eggplant .75 each

Cukes pickling or kirby burpless .50/ ea

Bell peppers .25 ea.

Kohlrabi .50 each

Peppers- pint baskets 1.25 ea. varieties include Hungarian Wax, Sweet banana, Jalapeno, salad types

Tomato baskets Cherry types 1.50/pint

Okra pint 1.25

Cabbage green or savoy 1.50 each

Carrots 2.00/ bunch

Scallions 2.00/bunch

Leeks .50 each







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