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I get lots of questions  from friends, co-workers, and customers so I am happy to share some of the more "Frequently asked" ones.

1. Do you have a store?  

 No but it may be a possibility someday. Right now I sell  at our farm (Call first for an appointment), or online for some products.  May through October I havae a stand at the Downtown Milford Farmer's Market. I also offer delivery in Delaware from Dover to Rehoboth.

2. What plants are shade tolerant?

a good rule of thumb is the darker the leaves, the more shade tolerant. Also consult a good seed catalog or plant book.  

3. What flavor is your honey? What type of flowers do the bees feed on?

Our bees generally feed a lot on our herb garden so it has a nice floral flavor with an herbal zing. It was the first prize winner at the 2004 Delaware State Fair!

4. My honey has crystalized. Is it still good?

Yes, crystalization is a natural process which can be reversed. Simply submerse the jar in hot water for a few hours. A slow cooker works good for this. Do not boil it or microwave it however as this will destroy the healthy properties. Our honey is never pasteurized but spun directly off the comb. Honey is one of the few foods that will not support bacterial growth it its natural state. And it is good as a seasonal allergy remedy.






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