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          Free Range Chicken Eggs


Our chickens are raised humanely in a free range outdoor environment where they can do what chickens do...peck, eat bugs, roost in trees, play, etc. They are fed an all natural diet, are not given any drugs or supplements, and are not artificially lit to induce egg laying. This last practice is why our hens do not consistently lay in the wintertime when the days are shorter. But hey, they need a rest too! Most of our hens are brown egg layers and lay fairly large eggs which we do not grade. In other words, cartons may contain inconsistent sizes unlike the grocery store clones! The small eggs are from our newbies who are just starting to lay. The yolks are much darker and richer than store bought eggs which makes then very desirable for

PRICE:                                      $4.00/dozen

AVAILABILITY: Please call a few days ahead of when you might need them especially in the winter months.

One of our Girls



A few years ago at the Delaware State Fair, Susan entered a drawing to win a free bee hive. Apparently it was her lucky day as she won! Knowing nothing about bees, she decided to give it to her husband as a Christmas gift. He had earned the Beekeeping Badge as a Boy Scout in his younger days! Since then the bees have become a very integral part of Triple M Farms. They mainly feed on the herb garden flowers so the honey has a somewhat floral-herby zing! In fact in 2004 AND 2005 it won the blue ribbon at the Delaware State Fair!   

Prices range from a mini bear at $1.00 each to 1  lb jars at $7.00.





*** Did you know honey is sold by the pound not the fluid ounce???***    

Just one of our busy bees


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